Jesus it’s you

The search is over, and my thirst for truth has finally dissipated. I am satisfied, oh yes, I am full. My belly runs through the deep of acceptance, a place where no man can no longer persuade. A place where no room is provided for unwanted scandals, or superfluous needs. I need no acceptable praise from man, nor do I want it. He who has sent me is greater. 

Pant, and keep panting harder this heart of mine. You have long suffered under the sun. Without knowledge, you’ve been torn apart by shrieking thorns. The days of your youth has been colonised by lust, and hence the light of your eyes has become dim. The earth failed to bring forth her fruits for you. You sewed day and night, and reaped nothing. Your visions came to naught as the counsels of this world deceptively paraded themselves as your all in all. Without strength, you watched on as thieves from afar drilled holes in your pocket. They plundered and stole. They shot their weapons of warfare, and to top it all off, your eyes imagined what you thought was right in their eyes. A slave to mankind, the wretched of the earth – made to love what you hate. They prostituted you and your children, and the love you had set aside for the day of redemption vaporised before your eyes. Like a river that is no more, so were you. 

I need the restorer of deserts. The man whom the ancients spoke and continue to speak well of. For who can melt the hardest heart when all things fail? When my heart is crying out for help in times of trouble. Who can speak life into my soul?  

No one but you! 

Who has made the righteous bright, so to pave her way with grace? When I fall you catch, and when I break you mend. The refiner of souls, and deepener of wisdom. You cause my passions to run dry, giving way to new blood. The soaked and wet grace of the living God. I need to know you, for my life depends on it. Who can Love me a thousand different ways through my darkest hours? 

No one but you! 

Rest now, for the search is over. Enough is enough. The heart no longer beats, and the troubling tears have ceased their drop. For the King who searches the heart with a candlestick now pants within. The breath of truth pours, it trickles down to the unknown places within the human spirit – healing all anxiety. Who can search the depths of me and love me to the coreWho controls the world I see and walks me through it all? 

Jesus it’s you. It’s always been you. Yes, I will sing of your love my friend. I have walked through this world without hope, but you my Lord have gazed into my heart and known me. Now it is my turn to know you. It is now my turn to cherish our marriage. My husband and friend. The one who trekked a trail of stars to find me. Without hesitating, you willingly gave up your life for mine. Truly, only a friend from the throne room of Heaven can accomplish the Father’s will. I am a man sent from God to proclaim the name of my friend.  

Jesus, it’s you!  

I will not hesitate to accomplish our Father’s will. I will sing of your love my Friend. 

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