The Spirit and the bride says “Come!”

In the mist of many, there comes one who stands out. In the many voices, however toned they may be. However persuasive they might sound – coursing one’s mind to sail into triumph, there is one who stands out. There are days wherein I am nothing. I find myself undone by the beauty of my Creator. I find myself in absolute awe of one whose mind searches the souls of men for truth. If truth was ever a colour, I will clothe it with nothing. For to distort it in all its glory is improper.

Chime you trees, chime the choruses of truth. For you know your Maker. Without speech, declare an everlasting symphony unto all men. Call the birds of the air to sing, cause the breath of the air to stir. Calamity may come today or tomorrow, but your salvation is now. Thy roots ascend into heaven, and thy branches descend into the lower parts of the earth. For what is seen perishes – so eternal things may remain.

Woe is me, I am undone before the Lord. His mouth is like one whose words wears life. Each letter, each enunciation, every expression is laced with power. The kind which induces death to bow, compelling even the most awful of diseases to flee. The word of the Lord holds creation in place. His will causes kingdoms to fall. So called kings terror in fear, for the word of the Lord is mighty in power. The King is coming in glory and majesty, and every eye will see. But will you be ready? Woe is me, I am undone before truth.

Rejoice you children. You who find joy in the day of the Lord. Rejoice, again I say rejoice. That harlot, that great city which caused the nations of the earth to drink from her cup. With sorcery she blinded the eyes of the living with a deceptive hope. “Live for yourselves now and you shall attain peace”. But little did she and her cohorts know that wisdom is justified by her children. Little did they know that the Lord said “whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life”. Rejoice, for she has been slain. Removed from the high places of authority – only to be fed to dogs.

What now? Where do we go? Whose voice do we turn to? All ye who are simple in mind, all who hunger and thirst for righteous, all who are heavily loaded with burdens, incline your ears to me. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and lowly in heart. I stand where the paths meet, I cry out by the gates, at the entry of every city. Repent of your sins, turn your hearts toward me, and I will give you life. For he who drinks of me will never thirst. And those who hate me, flirt with death. Prepare or be gone, for the King is Coming – Jesus is his name.

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