What is man, without forgiveness?

Hey friend, why don’t you whisper to me any longer. You used to be a breath of fresh air; softly spoken like strings tugged on a four-chord symphony. Hey friend, why are you all sudden so shy? Your bold laughter’s are missed, along with your funny jokes. They could tickle my body into echoing sounds of mighty waters. Deep were my gasps of air; I even forgot the meaning of sorrow. In those idiosyncratic moments, war was not something encoded in my conscious, nor was the wilt of man my enemy; on the contrary, hate made me miss your laughter even more. Like hitting a major and minor chord, though pain stole your words away, my heart sang your songs of humour even more. 

Hey friend, please come back to me. Like the night courts the day, that is how my heart yearns. Like the deer pants for the water brooks, that is how my tears emerge. I have missed you greatly in the plains of the Jordan. Your mighty words of wisdom could lift mountains. Those types of heavy stones that seem impossible. Yet you, yes you were able to crush all my doubts, all my fears with words of kindness. Hey friend, why has your touch grown ever cold. You could heat up my lungs with joy. They would inflate till the boundaries of Jupiter; thus, greedily seeking for more, I would retract back for a quick spin of Saturn’s rings. I want to sit by the riverbed, in the secret place of intimacy. We could watch the fish dance like maddened storms of lightening; stride upon stride, they struck a pose like no other as the water tossed and bossed.  

Hey friend, what is your name? Confused by the rushing days of time – why can’t I seem to grasp a momentary mention. That name which silenced all marching armies; like a precious ornament around the neck of a coming King, you were the envy of my weakness. I remember in moments where my tongue will fail, my teeth would shutter, and my knees remain feeble. Your name would roar loader than the hungry Lions. It would raise up a standard against the floods of oppressors – defending with the verbosity of a thousand suns. My dearest friend, remind me again of your name. I believe for some time now; shame has stolen its tone. Remind me why it is so powerful amongst the nations. Remind me why men of old, and children of new magnified this name. If I am to pause, if I am to sit and search the plains of my heart, it is as if I can see it being written in the sands of time. Repeatably re-written so the sands of nations can also experience your name. The name that is above every name.  

O’ friend, why don’t you stand by me one last time. This time I will not take for granted your un-merited favour. This time, like the winds of Canaan, I will rush to your mighty call. To be chosen by you again will be a reward like no other. My friend, in whose eyes I see my brother. In whose comfort I hear my mother. In whose discipline I draw closer to my father. In whose playfulness I have a friend; In whose love I have an eternal marriage. What a friend I have in Jesus, The Christ, and what a covenant I share in his blood.  

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