Some people wake up feeling shy, some wake up asking why?

I wake up giving thanks

Thanks for loving me so much

Setting your plans for me with your spiritual touch

What is it about me that makes you raise the sun in the morning?

Or when in danger my spirit becomes a warning

As a child I stumble, as a man you make me humble

Even in times of trouble you’ve become my protective bubble

The tongue is strong so when I speak with belief I shall receive…In your timing of course

For this Lord, I give you thanks

You once said to me:

“I am the burning man spreading through the field

I am the unseen air trying to be still

I am the everlasting light whether day or night

I am the slippery rain waiting to ignite

I am the thunderous sounds chanting down with might

I am the lightening rod who strikes to fight”


Hearing this makes me give thanks

Thanks for raising me up from the dead

Illuminating my soul with the sweet taste of your bread

For I know I am not being mislead

So Father Lord I give you thanks


 Hallelujah, Hallelujah, all praises to the king

His love is fresher than spring so today I will truly sing


Listen and Listen patiently, he said cleave to this with certainty

“You are dust moulded into perfection

Bold and strong you overcome any oppression

You are the protectors of this righteous realm

Wield your double edged swords, my word will overwhelm

Go forth and have dominion for you and I are one

Side by side like Father and Son”


All I want to say is thanks, thanks, I give you thanks

For all you have done, for I am so blessed and my soul is at rest

Oh Lord I give you thanks.


Lord, lead me to your altar as I say “yes” to your offer

You’ve filled my heart with laughter

For I know you are more than a conqueror

I bow, as I give myself away for you have known me since day

Your word says:

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child

I thought as a child but now I am a man, I put away childish things”

I am a youth but I’ve set my foot on a road called truth

What can I do?  I just give him thanks

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