The seen behind the seen

I have become so mindful of Him I want to cry this very moment. My fingers may be typing but my heart is firmly fixed on your love Jesus. You have soothed my heart in so many places. At this very moment, pain is non-existent and your love is my only reality. Oh, how I love your presence.

You see, there are things we can see and there are other things we cannot see. I can see the words I am typing on this screen, yet I cannot see those same very words in my head. Does that mean those words in my head don’t exist? Foolishness right? Of course they exist, because they have been manifested from a place that is unseen, to a place that is now seen. Well Hebrews 11:3 teaches me that “by faith we understand that the universe was formed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear”. This tells me how I came to be. The incredible thing about this is, I was begotten by an all loving, incorruptible, immortal, eternal God, who looked at me in an unseen way and moulded me to be how he saw and still sees me to be. He breathed his everlasting breath in my nostrils and here I am using that same breath to write my unseen words to your seen world. You see?

God is not far; he is actually the closet person to you right now. It is not an illusion that you can’t see him, you just live in the seen world, it does not mean there is not an unseen. Let go of your heart and let go of your head, and feel Him now. Oh how I love your presence Father. You have purposed a great sense of love in the depths of my heart and I know when your love is near and when it is far. You have created me to know your voice, because your sheep know your voice.

I stand before you a man, walking the same earth as you, yet I also stand on the same earth, still a man but in the presence of God. How? Well that is the beauty of Jesus, he is everywhere. The seen and the unseen. All of creation is His, the seen and the unseen, the heavens, the earth, the stars, the galaxies, the angels, the flowers, the animals, laughter, the cries, the hunger, the thirst, the joy, the peace, he sees and feels it all with you, because he has made you in His image and His likeness, and all creation points to His magnificence. He created it all for His own pleasure. The beauty of it is, He is not influenced or measured by his creation. He is so much more, God is God alone, and there is no other besides Him. If you can fathom the grandeur of this thought, please email me when you have received the revelation.

The only reason I am writing is because, it has been purposed in my heart to write. I know the difference between thinking to write and just writing. The spirit of God is stronger than my own spirit, therefore when he causes me to write I write. Love is a funny person. I think about it sometimes and I laugh. Here is an emotion (a person) I cannot see yet when I feel it, it is as if a thousand people are hugging me at the same time. You see, love is experienced differently, through marital or sexual desires, unconditionally with family members, children, love of food, entertainment, books, music so on. Yet we actually never see this emotion, this feeling, this real person who comes to us and allows us even if it is but a momentary feeling, to feel joy in our hearts. How wonderful are the feet of that person called love? How glorious are the wonders of that person who causes us all to love? God is truly love. He who knew no sin became sin so that I might gain life. He is the one who humbly and willingly laid down his life for me, so that I may gain all his inheritance. My God is a good good Father; I am not ashamed to call on His mighty name for it has been given to me to praise. I thank you Lord Jesus for calling me by name. Amen

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