my World is a War of Words

I wrote this poem because sometimes people love to flatter me with their words. Whether to build me up or bring me down. Either way, I always want to know the intention behind the person’s heart. Words are powerful. They are Spirit, hence why we either Love or Fear when we hear or read them.

Love or Fear

Tell me what you want to hear
My words can spill out love or fear
What truth do you prefer?
Or do you want the truth to be a blur?
The sky is blue but today it’s grey
Light represents day but night leads people astray
Polar opposites in truth, blue and grey, light and night
One causes a fright and the other is beauty in sight
Tell me what you want to hear
My words can spill out a jeer or a cheer
What lie do you desire?
The type that makes your name sound like a choir or a pariah?
Christopher Columbus is the greatest explorer
Christopher Columbus exercised the greatest horror
Which is true but sounds blue?
Which is a lie but we all buy?
Tell me what you want to hear
Can my words deceive your heart?
Did it make you sound smart or make you think you can have a new start?
Which did it carry, the truth or the lie?
Did it make you want to live or die?
How deep did it cut the soul?
Or did it make the soul whole?
Tell me what you want to hear
Love or Fear

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