Into HIS rest


How long….. I do not know

But what I do know, I haven’t got a long way to go

My Lord, I will forever wait on you

Your word stands, eternally true

The God of my salvation

Whom I see without imagination

He is my leading light during the night

He has given me sight and a sword of truth to fight

I will dwell in his secret place

As this world fades, I will still seek his face

My Lord who is my provider, my shelter, who took all my shame

Forever and ever will I call out his everlasting name

Father I love you and I worship you today

When my enemies surround me, you always make a way

Father I love you, only to you do I pray

You have been my pillar in all of my days

For when I raise a joyful song of praise

Your smile shows me your loving grace

Who am I that you are so mindful of me?

That when I sin, you throw it away in the forgetful sea

My heart, my life, my love

Only you have come down from above

Sing a song unto the Lord

In his presence will you soar

The God who loved us first

Abide in him and you will never thirst

He has poured out his peace in our Spirits

Flowing like an ocean of love, we need to swim in it

Today, when you hear his voice

All mouths will cry out praise and all nations will rejoice

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