Pearl of great price

Dearly beloved, I have found a treasure. Oh how precious this jewel is; it makes me feel some kind of way. I look at it with such depth, honouring and admiring from afar it draws closer and closer to me. Have you ever seen something that your eyes have never set its sight upon, yet something deep down your soul digs out a voice telling you what you see is true? Yes, my beloved, the stories you here are true, He lives, the King lives and I have finally found him. Oh, how I have wrapped my whole being around Him. He is so wonderful, so graceful, He dances with an everlasting joy. There is something about him that draws me to his presence. He is lowly, he is meek, He does not boast of his mightiness nor exacerbate his power, yet you feel his Kingship.

My King, I have seeked you for a very long time and I have not found you. Yet only by your word, have you called my name to finally harkened to your ways. And your ways have led me to your righteousness, and your righteous word has been the lamb on my feet. I have finally found my one true love, my Father, the God who fashioned me and provided for me since a babe in the womb of my mother.

Oh, how I have seeked you and yet my soul has not found you. Yet your love spoke words of comfort to my soul. “Settle down, settle down, I am the way, the truth, and Life”. Ahhhh, what sort of river have you caused me to drink from that within the depths of my heart, I cannot stop jumping with joy.

Oh, how I have seeked your face and have finally found it. Yes, Father, I have searched for you with my whole heart knowing that you have heard my cries in the wilderness. You are the rock of my salvation and the light that lights up my darkness. You lift me up with your mighty hand whiles straightening my crooked path to a righteous one.

I have found a jewel and my heart has decided to sell all my earthly desires to acquire this pearl of great price. I am loved by my one true love and he whispers continuously to my heart. Though he knows all my weaknesses and all my wretchedness, he still carries me all the way to his everlasting glory. Jesus is his name and his name I have been given to praise. Yeshua is whom I have seeked and Yeshua is whom I will praise. God is his Father for His word has lifted him to glory. The angels marvel and worship him, kings and princes bow down at his feet. Precious and worthy are his works and perfection is the sight of his character. I love to love like him. Though when I try I fail, yet His Spirit teaches me every day to love like him.

Oh, how I have seeked you Jesus and I have finally found you. Your Kingdom I wait on and your glory I will inherit. I will be patient and wait on my Lord. See him Riding on the clouds of glory and his majesty shining far beyond the plains of heaven. Yes, I have found a precious pearl and I have sold all I have to keep it. Blessed is he who hunger for righteousness, for he shall be filled. The Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent!

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