Narrow or Wide

For, my ways are not your ways nor are my thoughts your thoughts

 “So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!” (1 Corinthians 10:12)

Forgive me Lord for I have greatly sinned. I have allowed the wickedness of my tongue to gain the better of my heart. He who has been set free of sin by the Son is free indeed, yet have I walked after the statutes of dogs and turned to my own vomit.

Pride, vanity, self-fulfilment and vain glory, words of discontent, words of whoredom, words of self-promises and prophesies has slowly crept and illusively slithered into my mouth. Why have I allowed the enemy to deceive me in thinking that I can make my own destiny come to pass. Who am I that I’ve dared to believe my path lies in the way of rational thoughts, my way of plan and my words of deceit. How far from your righteousness have I fallen Yahweh?

I should have known, yes, the danger is that I do know. I know that man cannot offer anything without the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. For he is the author and perfecter of our faith. Father, though I have believed deeply in my heart that I am walking by faith and not by sight, the angel of darkness that comes as the angel of light has blinded my way.

But what a glory you are my everlasting Father.

For you have pointed my wickedness out to me and you have willed me to reframe from my iniquities. Blessed is the name of Yahweh for he has ordered my steps. Every day I will stand on his word. The word of the Lord is my rock. A rock that never fades, a rock that never fails. A rock that lifts me up above all waves and a rock that hides me from my enemies.

Deception is of the devil and righteousness is of God. Many men of old have been led astray following their own lustful ways. Waiting expectantly for the praises of men, they have been led through the valley of darkness to abide there forever. Take heed of these men for I was once nearly deceived. They will raise a blasphemous tongue against the righteous way of our Lord turning the narrow road into a wide road which only leads to destruction. The word of the Lord is water that fills up wells and a spring that refreshes all souls. There is no hardship of labouring in his word so be joyful in all that you do in him. Forgiveness is his way, mercy and goodness always flows thereof. Do not be tempted to be swayed to the left nor the right for straight and narrow is the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. He has already paved the way with his love, and he has already painted the gates with his blood. Therefore, who the Son sets free is free indeed. Be blessed and always flourish in the fruits of his Spirit. Peace be unto you in our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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