I think, therefore I exist

The thought of my thoughts is fascinating

Infused with such substantiated meaning, the substance in the thought can become a burden

Waves penetrate great walls and thoughts escapes all walls

Boundaries have I set but wave after wave my thoughts collide

Who can understand the heart, deceptive in nature, cruel in picture, who can trust in it?

As I think so am I

I exist within the realm of words

Multiplicities of stories told through a mirage of filtered screens

One face is shown, another pulled off, one side is revealed and another hidden

Wretchedness in my heart, yet joy is manifested, a cancer rotting away, yet euphoria is at play

As a man thinks, so is he

I was told a lie last night

Struggling with fright I decided to fight

Men scream when fear has captured their thought

The ailing woman in child birth shouts yet joy is brought forth

Who is fear and why does he madden my thought

Who is love and why does he hush my thought

As they think, so are we

Life and death is in the power of the tongue; those who love it will eat its fruit

Death is a thief ready to kill and destroy

Life waits at the gate, patient in longsuffering it calls my name

I present before you, life and death, please choose life

As God thinks, so am I

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