Jesus….God saves

He has come to save SINNERS like Me and You.

Forget what matters to you or what doesn’t. Try and remind your heart of the good and simple times. You know, those moments where you thought life will never be able to challenge and threaten you. I can’t think for you, so I am willing to speak it to you. There is a God and my beloved, you know it well. You have always known so please save us both sometime and do not disperse yourself into your own shell. Hell, is real and forgetfulness of that reality is your Achilles heel.

“There is no greater love than laying your life down for another”.

Why do you constantly pretend that this life given to you, has not been bought with a price? Take this analogy, they always say a cheater (the animal) cannot change his spots, so is the price for mankind’s freedom. It cannot be changed. Like for like, blood for blood, life for life. If a stranger asked you to lay down your life, to draw your last breath for all, will you, do it? I wouldn’t either. But there is no shame in admitting this flaw in us. But the one true man, the Godhead, the Word in flesh has come and conquered. He looked death in the eye and strangled it to death. So therefore, he leaves you with this commandment…

“There is now no more condemnation, love your God with all your heart, and all your soul, and love your neighbour as you love thy self”.

It is that simple. Salvation has been given unto us for free. With thy mouth you confess  Jesus Christ is your Lord and with thine heart believe that God has raised him from the dead and you shall be saved. After, start walking in God’s Word with help of the Holy Spirit  (“if ye love me, ye will obey my commandment”). That simple.

It has taken me a long time to come to terms with this revelation. I use to look around my surrounding and through ignorance, I would continuously deny my Creator. I allowed my eyes to deceive my heart into thinking I was alone in this world, that I had no real divine reason for being on this earth. God has always been by our side but we choose not to search for him. Instead we fantasize about alternate realities, worlds and lives in order to escape our own wretched lives. Yes, wretched. It is wretched because whatever you do with your time underneath this sun, without the input of God, it is all in vain! Life has been given to us without a cost. Why does man use it to abuse his fellow man? What is the point when one day, whatever riches you amass is being left for another? Yes, you might be building an empire for the next generation of your family but how does one know if a fool is not going to inherit those riches. My description of man is this… the air you breathe is cleaner than your thoughts yet because of greed, you have polluted it for everyone.

Let a stranger be a stranger, but I will let a stranger be my friend.

I am not a lonely man, quite the opposite. I have God. Christ Jesus is my friend, my everything. He teaches me how to walk, talk, laugh, cry, feel, sleep, dream, think and even dance. Yes, the Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want. I lack nothing because he provides everything. I have drunk from the fountain of his Living waters and it is filling. It fills me up and up, it starts overflowing. My laughter rings in the ears of my fellow man that he/she wants to enquire where my joy comes from. Today I am here to tell you he is offering that same water to you. The whole purpose of him coming down from his throne of glory was to offer you that Living water. You might think you are alive but brother when I say you are deader than dead; l mean you are dead. The body you feel so proud and conscious of is just a tabernacle for the real you. Yes, that man you know very well. Yes, you know, the one inside of you.

What voice do you listen to? Well today if you hear the voice of God, do not harden your heart in rebellion.

How many times have you been told Jesus is your Lord and saviour? How many times have you been stopped and someone you thought was crazy reminds you to follow Jesus Christ? Warning after warning but your ego through ignorance grows so far up your backside that free love being offered to you seems crazy. Yes, one can love but no one, and I mean no one loves like Yeshua. He was, he is and he is to come. Yes, you heard. He is coming. Be prepared or “be gone”.

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