Intercessors’ Intimacy

A moment came a week ago, when I left the clefts of my haven to join the freedom found in His army. I warred a war not fought with hands nor with weapons of hate, but I joined the soldiers of love to wage terror upon the kings of this present world. I became a sparking lightening weaving through the guises of dark deceptions. Thus, in this very moment, I, a soldier of the LORD, struck a chord stronger than a raging sea. I, in that opulent moment roared louder than a ravenous lion to devour my enemies. Dwelling in the timelessness of my Beloved, He and He alone placed a desire in my heart to envisage fear as a serpent that can be trodden on. He elevated my heart in humility, clothing me with the Spirit of Might to stand as an unwavering mountain when the gushing winds of terror arouse. A child cleaving to the hand of his Father was I, a bride in awe of the presence of her handsome groom was the state of my heart. As His love approached, I quivered into a tightened ball of comfort, only to receive from my Beloved, the pleasures of joy. For joy becoming my handed choice of weapon, strengthened the feeble knees I approached His throne with. With a touch of coal on my lips, the word of joy, life through His spirit engaged my tongue to war a war of praise. As I lifted up His everlasting name, Yeshua, the King sat on the throne my praise had created for Him. Yes, the King took his rightful position as LORD, as the author and finisher of the pouring canary cry of my heart. He and Him alone heard the incense of prayer, and He and Him alone responded like the mighty warrior He is.

Now, behold, I stand as a worthy son beholding the presence of my Beloved Father. Worthy to serve Him with the wholeness of my heart. As the heart bowed so did the fragrance of His love exacerbate. As the tears of my heart cried out for mercy, so did the glory of His Kingship ignite the soul of my Spirit. Yes, I had offered my cup of sacrifice and He being faithful filled it up, over-running with the endless blessings of his peace. War did arise last week, but victory flew over the heads of every laid down lover present on the battlefield. Yes, war did scream for blood from the wicked, but the mercy of the peace-makers saw the face of the Faithful and True one, delivering a Davidian blow to the prideful kings of the earth. As the arrows of the pestilent uncircumcised philistines flew, the armour of Yahweh dismantled any and every weapon formed against us. As the rulers and princes schemed systems of hate through oppression, the army to be found in the hosts of heaven, warred a Holy war against the structures of deception. In a blessed assurance our hearts chanted “Who can stand against the KING? No one can! Who can war against our LORD? No one can. Because victory belongs to JESUS, the Christ”.

The stage has now been set, the trumpet of the new year has been blown. I no longer feel the windless wind of fear, as my atmosphere is enveloped with the Glory of my Beloved. A bride laying on the chest of her groom is my heart and a son eating at the table with his joyous father is my position. As I sit at the seat of the heavenly, my pride has been crushed by the rock of my salvation. As I hear the many calming waters of His word, I drink deeper than the panting deer at the water brooks. Yes, the marrows in my bones are being fed with the fatness of His mercy and moreover, the peace of the Holy Spirit is the single singing symphony being composed by my everlasting conductor. Yes, I will draw from the electricity of His good works, and I will be steadfast in the redemptive power of His blood. “Who can stand against our KING? NO ONE CAN!”

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