Let the tear drop, in the end, keep on keeping

Gladness is an emotion of joy, keep it

It is the gleaming smile being expressed on the face of a school boy, see it

Hope is the merciful husband when wedded to depression

As the hammer of anxiety hits its nail, the borderless message of hope comes to save

Who can stand against our King, the One who crushes pain only to establish the enslaved

Faith is the unseen caller in the dawn of night

Sweeping in with the fragrance of kindness, the dancing feet of love kisses a million worries away

Endurance is the stubborn man who would not fall

The more they pushed, the louder he would roar

Come and see, for the person of Christ is here

All you children, gather in the street with an attentive ear

Listen for his peace, cling to his wisdom for it is better than choice gold

It will quicken your joints, and make you bold

Do not fail to cry all the tears of doubt

Let it out for in due time he will quieten your shout

Tears are the revering streams of hope

A steady anchor with the assurance of power

So, cry aloud unto him, for he is mighty to save in the coming hour

To love is to know and to know is to be shown how to love

Don’t look below, don’t look above, just be still

For his love reaches all the howling troubles seeking to kill

If His eye is on the sparrow, how much more you?

Now wipe those falling tears, behold he has made all things new

Emmanuel, our GOD who is with us

My love, wipe those tears away, the fuss can no longer make a fuss

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