He is Here!

Clear the room! Quickly, get the bride to sweep the room

Haven’t you heard, the King has risen from His tomb, quickly, sweep the room

The days of sorrow have ended, now it has all begun

Peace has flooded the hearts of men, all the work is done

All who beg for bread, all who are dead

Awaken to the kingdom of love

For He has built cities above

Call your neighbour and sing the songs of salvation

Hosanna! Hosanna! A King has been enthroned over all nations

Come and receive, be crowned with lovingkindness and mercy

He calls all who are broken, heavy laden and thirsty

Grace is His name

Grace has borne our shame

Haven’t you heard? I thought all have been told

Children do not fear, let not your hearts wax cold

The King has decreed, “be bold for wickedness no longer holds”

So, clear the rooms, sweep the floors to present the hearts of men

He is writing on the tablets of our hearts, Oh Amen!

Quickly! Tidy the house, my King is about to knock

Come in Father, for I am a mess but I can’t wait to start this walk

Your arrival is good news indeed

Please, the way is yours, now lead!

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