At Last

How long can one dwell in the caves of uncertainty? Certainly the waves will froth its misery upon me, for as depression swallows the heart of a strong man, so does the simmering light in the world grow ever dimmer.

I dare not call upon the name of death, nor do I desire to sleep with her master. I only crave the teachings of Yeshua, the Nazarean whose eyes dismantled the meaning of life. I will wait a little while, for in a twinkle of an eye, my momentary sight will dance on the fleeting wings of darkness. Then will I see my long lowly lover. The King of the Jews, the one who turned my glaring affection for sorrow into joy. With a kiss, he has turned my mourning into dancing.

Behold, my eyes have seen, and my ears have heard, the word of the LORD. Yeshua…..Yeshua…. Yeshua… IS KING

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